minor goods

The minor things in life.
Inspiration from the small everyday things that make a life big…...

I do love chinese lantern plants!

A Vida Portuguesa is a lovely store in a beautiful old building in the centre of Porto, selling and promoting Portuguese products.

I’ve been in Porto this week, I stayed at Favorita where they have such beautiful floor tiles!

My new terrarium is doing well in its new home :-)

It was London design festival last week, I went to a couple of great trade shows, it’s always nice to see inspiring things!

Two tone pink roses and simple grey vase :-)

I’ve recently got a taste for pink grapefruits….

I had dinner at my friends house recently and she always has lovely simple table displays, the food was amazing too! :-)

Empty yarn cones and dried poppies creating nice shadow shapes…

My weaving work in progress, I’ve rediscovered my love of weaving and crafts this year :-)

Lupins and its shadows, enjoying the last few sunny days of summer…

Simple cut hydrangea in sunlight

Vintage German bowls, gifts from my dear friend :-)

I recently found these fading flower photos I took a while ago…. :-)

Street succulents…Nice colours combined with grey black…